Company Profile

The owners of Swift Stevedoring Company realized the Importance of Djibouti as a politically and socially stable state strategically located at a point where the three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe intersect at one of the world’s busiest shipping routes. Moreover, Ethiopia, a land locked country use Djibouti Port as their sole gateway, let alone the greater horn and Comesa regions. Having already invested in Banking, real estates, and following the great development in infrastructure at Djibouti, it became primordial to further invest in port activities and logistics, order participate in the economy of the nation and job creation at Djibouti. Swift Stevedoring is a quality focused, customer driven stevedoring and cargo logistics services to fulfill the requirements of ship operations, shore logistics and Equipment Rental Industry.

Our Vision

Swift Stevedoring believes that people are the most vital resource and that human dignity of all persons should be maintained. All personnel will hence work with integrity; discipline, sense of belonging and commitment to the company order achieve excellence in activity and hence the company enjoys permanent customer satisfaction. Swift possess good Skill in getting the job done successfully and our Will is taking jobs no one else can dare and believing there is more to do. Swift Skill is meeting our customer’s demands, while our Will is demanding more of ourselves than they do.

Our Mission

To create value for our stakeholders through:
- Customer focus, total commitment to quality , meeting and exceeding customer’s expectation at affordable prices
- Effective and efficient management of assets
- Fully accommodate policies on health, safety and environment friendliness and respect all regulations in place
- Maintaining a positive public image at all times in a socially responsible manner and contributing to the well being of the community
- Adopting high moral and ethical standards in all our business transaction